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As you know Wolfcraft will be 18 months old which is a land mark in none commercial minecraft servers. in June, and to celebrate There has been suggested a build off but I would like to take this further and try to rise some money for charity so I would love any input ideas etc In the forums I will be making a special thread about this in the forum :)
X___ yeah! exactly a week after my birthday!
[Owner] lcswolf admin We fundraising for Whizz-Kidz & I'd love your support! If you are in the U.K. Text WCRA92 £2 to 70070 to sponsor us ...
[Owner] lcswolf admin http://www.justgiving.com/Wolfcraft
SoulReaper98EEMwhat is the version of the monster server?
[[VIP]] iiilukee   FTB Monster 1.1.0
[Owner] lcswolfWhat does everyone think about changing the Hexit server to a MadPack Server?
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[[VIP]] iiilukee   i like the sound of that wolf =)
[Owner] lcswolfWell that us paid for again :)
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fastcard123hmm no one has been on all day... is there something i dont know?
[Owner] lcswolf   It has been quiet everyone back to work/school but there has been a few on
fastcard123can anyone find a link to a download of Faithful for FTB because the link provided doesn't seem to work.
fastcard123   @[link]
fastcard123   OR if anyone has the file and would be so kind to upload it here for me its much appreciated
vmonster10   just install it via the ftb launcher in the texture packs tab, that is what i did
fastcard123Oh yeah, here's that kickstarter wolf....
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Erik_Andre , 00tobbe00 and ZestCube joined Wolfcraft FTB
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fastcard123   servers growing lots :p
[Owner] lcswolf   Lets keep growing :)
fastcard123   created a new thread Java Arguments in the Help! forum
fastcard123   created a new thread Buffer Overflow in the Bugs and Errors forum
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